A mile out the road,  we began passing the base of the hill on its right side. So the saddle was off to our left in what appeared to be a wall of fog moving into the area. However, the road itself was still relatively clear.
     Viv stayed in the car with the engine and lights off, but I left the keys in the ignition for a quick get a way in case I had to return running and jumping down the hillside. I took a flashlight with me, and crossed the fence on the left side of the road and headed uphill through the light fog and crab apple thicket.

      As I went, I walked out of the thicket and into an open field. Looking up hill  I couldn't see the top because the upper part of the hill was covered in a very dense cloud. Up there,  it was not thin fog, as it was near the road. It completely hid the top of the hill, and further more, it was dark.
     For a while I stood still and just listened. It was absolutely silent, so in a little while, I walked further uphill. I walked into the dense fog that capped the entire top of the hill. I couldn't see anything at all.  I couldn't even see my feet with the flashlight. There was no sense even having a light, so I shut it off. 
     Then it dawned on me. 
     "What? Are you nuts?, I thought,"This is insane. Standing here in the fog, on top of a hill, and the fog being in the dark makes me like a double blind man".   
     Then I remembered just what it was that I was looking for. 
       I thought, "Did it really land up here somewhere in the fog? Did anything get out of it?  How could I tell, I couldn't even see....not even with a light! Who put me in this perdicament anyway? It was ME!"
      I laid down on the grass to see if I could see under the fog. 
      I couldn't, so I stood up and started walking down hill.
      Did you ever have someone chasing you while playing a game as a kid; and feeling them so close to as you were running away that you would arch your back just out of their reach so they couldn't touch you?
      But running would be admitting fear.  Do that to a mean dog and he will lunch on your butt.
      So,  instead of standing still or running, I decided to walk a little faster than normal!
      So there I was, holding the light down toward the ground and walking down hill until my feet came into view.

      When that finally happened, I kept on walking until my head completely exited the fog also. 
       Wow!  I could see with the flashlight now. But boy was it dark and damp.  I worked my way back down the hill,  through the thicket , and over the fence to the car.
     I started the car immediately, put it in gear and let the clutch out. Gone!
       I chose the round-about way home; and while we were going, Viv asked where I had been. 
     "I was up on top of that hill in fog so thick I couldn't see my shoes with the flashlight; and it took a minute to figure out what I was going to do" , I answered.
       "A minute?", she  answered back, "You've been gone 20  or 30 minutes. I started to think maybe something happened to you. I've been worrying about you for a while now".
     But I absolutely remember about only a full minute in the thick fog at the top. It took five minutes to walk up there and  two minutes to get quickly back down to the car. That's not even 10 minutes altogether.

 7.  RED WHIRLWIND - One Saturday evening in the year 1975 we had some friends over as dinner guests. After dinner we were having conversation over coffee and desert when I saw a red light coming in our living room windows from the direction of my parent's house.
    It was twilight. I knew it wasn't  going to be long before dark, so I walked over to the window to take a look across the country road that separated our houses to see if my parents had started a fire outside.
      Looking out the window, I saw the most unusual thing. A whirlwind, made of what looked like glowing orange/red fog,  swirled on the tractor road that led up the hillside to my mother and dad's orchard. 
     It was beautiful. I yelled to the others as I ran outside to see it closer. They followed me across the road as my parents came out of their house to see it too. Everyone stayed in the yard talking and watching as I tried to walk up to it.
     It was about 200 feet high and 15 feet in diameter spinning counterclockwise. When I got about 40 feet away from it, it began moving about twice as fast as I was walking. 
     It actually followed the road up hill in a gentle right hand turn and stopped in the middle of the first level landing about 100 yards away. I began trotting uphill knowing such things like this do not last long. I think I was planning on walking inside of it if I could get to it.
     I've always liked seeing the whirlwinds in the fall that lift  groups of leaves off the ground and spiral them upward  carrying them away as part of nature's yearly autumn dance. A dance that responds to directives given by unseen helpers of the Creator.  These are some of our unseen neighbors who were given a charge to adjust and maintain the symbiotic relationships of our forests.      
     They have a God-given responsibility to oversee and adjust natural cycles to maintain the air, water, and land in response to human activity.   The bible refers to these unseen entities as "Dominions, Rulers, Powers, Thrones, and Elements", but more on that later.  Nature runs by natural laws, but every so often things get out of wack and have to be adjusted.    These things include the cycles and order of bird, fish, and animal migrations as witnessed in the murmurations that fill our autumn skies. Watch the video below for an example.
    Murmurations like the one above occur globally every year.  Each bird reacts simultaneously just like a school of fish,  which also migrate. The signal to "turn now" reaches each one at the same exact instant as if being orchestrated from a single source.

 When I got about 40 feet away from the whirlwind, it began moving again. This time, it followed the road straight across the landing where it hooked a sharp left under a big poplar tree. It then straightened out, staying on the road and went straight up through the second field toward  the apple orchard on top. But, it didn't make it completely to the top. After about 150 yards, it stopped following the road and moved off to the right side of it about 20 feet.
     By this time I was getting tuckered out. I was breathing hard as I walked uphill toward it. By this time it was actually starting to get dark. I stopped short of reaching it and leaned forward putting my hands on my legs. I leaned forward taking deep breaths.
     I rested for just a few seconds and began walking again. I looked up just in time to see the top of the whirling tower of red fog starting to stretch upward farther and farther.  It started to get smaller in diameter as the bottom lifted of the ground. Then suddenly, like a slinky toy, the bottom accelerated in a snap to the top and it was all over.  Gone.
     I've never seen anything like that before or since. 
     If we are observant enough to notice nature responding to natural laws,  we should also be wise enough to realize that where there is a law there is also a lawgiver. The Creator of the very reality that we are part of has a history of governing by delegating authority to the other sentient entities He has also created. In fact, the bible tells us that mankind has been delegated dominion over life on earth(Genesis 1:26). 

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth."

      That makes us one of the dominions referred to in Ephesians 1: 20; and therefore it's our responsibility to take care of the environment. 
     If we don't fulfill our responsibility as the stewards of this planet, we can expect bad things to happen, or expect to see more "supernatural" activity as the Elementals, and other unseen entities step in to keep things going until God's plan is finished.

"he [God] raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms,  far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come"

     So, we should to expect more sightings of  UFOs, Sasquatch, Forest people, Little people and the rest of our unseen neighbors on this planet in the days to come. Even though some of the things I have witnessed over the years may not actually be our unseen neighbors themselves,  these things are caused by them so it brings them to mind.
     I know some will say. "the swirling leaves, and the swirling loose hay is caused by the wind",  These things are merely obeying the laws of physics."  
     But wait. Laws are neither material, nor are they energy.  They are information , and intelligent information at that.
      "True", I would respond, Did you say laws? Where do you suppose they came from?  Could it be our Chief unseen neighbor (whom some refer to by the stereotypical name -God), Or, maybe another unseen neighbor to whom He delegated that responsibility ? Who gave the Laws!!!

Whirlwind spreading seeds and drying hay

Whirlwind scattering yellow birch leaves and seeds

For more information on seed dispersal by wind click this link.

Just enjoy this one





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