by Clyde K. Rockwell

December 2016

      Four sources have combined to inspire me to write this article: science, personal experience, the experiences of others, the bible. Let’s look at each of these sources one at a time. Put current convictions on the shelf for a little while so they won’t keep you from clearly hearing what is said. Wait until you have read the entire article before making up your mind.

     We start out our lives being born at the bottom of an ocean of air. Our atmosphere is something we need to be already present as we emerge from the birth canal. It is there from the day we are born, and we need it to be there for the rest of our lives, but we never see it.

     The air around us is mostly made up of just three gases—nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. There are smaller amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor. And there are about ten more gases in amounts so tiny that people seldom talk about them.

     Above  is a list of the chief gases that make up our air. It’s a good thing they all add up to a compound that is invisible.
      Imagine if our air was pink, or green, or any other opaque or translucent color. The manufacturers of airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, and we ourselves, depend on being surrounded by an invisible gas in order to see, to fly, and even to breathe. We cannot see it, but we all assume it is there. In light of this, do we take a test with instruments each day to see if it still there? No we do not. Instead, we are confident that it will be there. Instead of testing daily, we have faith that the invisible exists again yet another day. But alas, using the word "faith" invokes the stereotypical image of the nauseating religious organizations of men. Rare is the person who has a personal relationship with his Creator while avoiding the mine-field of man's religions.

      If air was opaque we wouldn’t be able to see beyond our own noses. Our entire world would be beyond our visual detection.

      From where I sit as I write this, I can look out my window and see the lower limbs of a tall pine swaying back and forth. In the wind.

     My office is on the ground floor of a big old farm house positioned on the side of a small hill in southwestern Pennsylvania. The house sits among six large pines.
Some things in our world are invisible. We never see them even though we interact with them from the day we were born. Some are made of matter, such as air. Others are energy, and they are just as invisible. All these things are well known in science.

      Glancing down at the wall next to my desk, I can see a duplex electrical receptacle. In the image to the right, the top hole maintains an electrical potential that is equal to earth ground, which
is zero.
      The larger “T” shaped hole on the right side of the receptacle should carry a zero potential also. The smaller straight vertical hole on the left side is attached to 120 ac volts. That’s a 120 volt difference between the bottom two holes. They are the only two that actually run any appliance we plug into them. The top one is for safety.

      The two on the bottom would love to be connected together so current could flow between them. When we plug anything into them they now have a current path established for electrons to follow. However, in order to get to the other side, we make them run through our motors, or circuit boards and do work for us.

      Even though the atmosphere (matter) is still invisible when the sun goes down, suddenly we cannot see if it gets dark around us. We were counting on the light energy from the sun to carry information to us through that invisible air, but now the light is gone. So we plug our - light source into the duplex and turn it on. Now, we can see again!

      These are just two things in science that we depend on daily without ever seeing and take for granted they are there for us. The above two examples are easy for most of us to conceptualize. Understanding this helps us to further understand why it makes sense to believe some things exist without us ever having seen them.

      Before I get off the science thing I want you to follow me one step further. Think over slowly what I am about to say. None of what you see ever actually gets in your eyes. Nothing.

     Consider this scenario. You are taking notes and make a mistake. Your pencil does not have an eraser on it, so you look over to the desk next to you and see a new one lying there. No part of that eraser gets into your eye but immediately you know it is there. You know how far away it is, how big it is, and what color it is. How is that possible?
      The answer is light bounced off of it from either the sun, or the lamp in your room, and carried that information to you. Information only. It did not carry the eraser, just the information you needed to know where to reach to get it.

      Now let’s talk about light a little bit. Come on, don’t let this get boring. I’m going to help you see how material things can exist around you, and yet you may not be able to see them.
     Just like the lake fills the valley between the mountains in the image on the right below there is a condition that fills the entire universe.
      It is there whether or not there may be a vacuum present or not because it is not matter. It is called the electrostatic field. It involves electrical potential.
      Now look at the lake in the picture. See the ripples going outward in every direction from the point of incidence where a pebble was tossed into the water? Energy was added to the lake and it caused the waves you see.

      Notice the surface of the lake is a plane. It has length and width only. Therefore, the interference of the surface is in the form of a circle of waves. The electrostatic field, on the other hand, is present everywhere, up and down, back and forth, and from side to side.

      When an energy event occurs in the electrostatic field it progresses outward in the shape of a sphere as in the photo below rather than in a circle. This is how radio and television stations transmit. And in fact, they depend on the invisible electrostatic field being there daily. In truth, the invisible things around us are in much more quantity than the things we can see.
     So, let’s realize that science proves that the unseen things around us, whether composed of matter or energy, fill a larger portion of our reality than the things we can see.
      Before moving on to personal experiences, I have one last area of science I’d like to discuss in plain everyday words. It’s about light and sound. The light we use everyday to see the things around us is called visible light. It’s called that because, whether it comes from the sun or a light bulb, it bounces off of the things around us and carries information to the back of our eyes about those things. This is the only frequency range of light that our eyes can decode and turn into electronic impulses. The light itself goes no further than the retina (back of the eye). However, the electronic impulse keeps traveling on along the optic nerve to the region of the brain that decodes the information, causing the viewer to see a pictorial representation in their mind (spirit). 

      The bar above is the complete electromagnetic spectrum. The small colored part a third of the way in from the left is the only part visible to our human eyes. As the frequencies increase on the left side they get more violet in color than we can see. It’s called ultraviolet (UV). As the frequency continues to increase it pass through the ranges of X rays and Y rays.

      Moving to the right takes us beyond the red light into an area so red that we are not able to even detect it. It's the infrared region (IR). Continuing on further to the right, we pass through the regions of microwave, FM and AM radio waves, and long radio waves.

      The only light we can detect is between violet and red. When the sun goes down we go blind unless we have a flashlight. However, other animals can still see things reflecting, or otherwise producing, light frequencies beyond our ability to see.

     Sound is a similar thing. The human audio spectrum is from 20 cycles per second to 20,000 cycles per second.

      During our entire lives input through our senses of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching modulates our individual spirits with experiences unique to each person. Thus, an individual sentient consciousness develops into a spirit being ready to inhabit a powerful celestial body.

      Just as the larval stage of a Monarch does not represent the final body the Creator had in mind for that butterfly, neither does the physical stage of mankind’s body represent the final stage for mankind either.


Watch the video #46 METAMORPHOSIS on the OBSERVATIONS website or click the word METAMORPHOSIS right here.

Adding information to the human spirit, which is present at conception, begins the development process of a new soul. Memories begin to accumulate and a new mind begins to take shape, which is unique to all other minds on earth.

     It’s like a new song being added to a blank radio carrier wave. Once it enters a radio receiver, it is decoded and the song is sent to a speaker. The speaker vibrates the air with audio frequency waves that leave the information on your ear drums which then help to convert it to an electronic signal that travels to the region of the brain which gives a sound representation of it to the mind.

      A blank spirit is present at physical human birth, but a soul (unique mind) is developed over a lifetime. The senses of smell, taste, and touch work in a similar manner as sight and sound. Each sensory input is converted to an electronic impulse and decoded at its respective regions in the brain.

      Earth, therefore, is an incubator providing a place where trillions of potential spirit beings develop unique minds by experiencing the joys, as well as the storms, of life. Lessons are learned here. Mistakes are made here.

      Each human soul records a lifetime of seeing the effects of love and hate, peace and war with other people and between the nations. Every near death experience I have reviewed relates the same thing: At death, the spirit returns consciously to God who gave it by traveling through a long tunnel with a warm light at it’s end. As they are being pulled toward it, they are overwhelmed with the feelings of being loved and being forgiven for every last sin they have ever committed.

      Then, they see their lives (recorded in absolute detail in their spirit) pass before their eyes. They refer to this as their life review. Every pain, every hurt, every tear, as well as every happiness and joy they have caused to others is relived as if it been done to them. They compare God’s way of life involving love for, and the forgiveness of others, to the self-centered and grudge holding way of get that our current humanly devised society lives by.

      But let’s get back to the unseen things around us. There are things around us that reflect light that our eyes cannot detect. 
     Furthermore, there are pan-dimensional beings whose default reality spans two different paradigms, whereas currently ours spans just the physical one.  Being a step or two ahead, or behind, us in time we cannot tell they are near us at certain times. The presence of some, as they approach entering into our space time continuum, is given away by the presence of an orb that glows with a light frequency we can see. As they begin to sync further with our paradigm they take on a really unusual pareidolic presence. If they move back toward their home dimension, the orb stage may reappear before they disappear completely. If they proceed ahead into our home dimension, they take on their intrinsic shape and size. 
     Emanuel Swedenborg  speaks of people gravitating either toward, or away from, one another in the afterlife depending on whether they have similar likes and dislikes. Having traveled to another dimension in spirit, he relays the time he was talking with some local spirits when the air near them began to glow and then it began to take on the form of a face.  As it progressed, the rest of the body started to come into view.  However, the entering spirit entity soon realized it didn't meld well with those particular spirit beings, so instead of manifesting into their presence, it faded back out of view and simply returned to the locale where it had come from. (Sound familiar to any Sasquatch hunters out there?)
     Others may travel here from distant and remote places (including forests, etc)  by way of a simple step through a portal.

      For years scientists suspected portals existed, but to most people they seemed only to be figments of some science fiction writer’s imagination. Then, in May of 2015, NASA made a public announcement that they’ve discovered that portals do exist. To see their official video disclosure, try this LINK.

        In recent years I have come to realize that there are no such things as paranormal or supernatural, it’s all natural. It's all normal. It’s all one big reality, the visible and the invisible.
      You, me, wild animals, domestic animals, Bigfoot, Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, Spirit entities, flowers that remember and communicate, trees and mycelium networks that communicate and cooperate in social orders that cover thousands of acres in a single location, UFO’s, and SFO’s, all these are part of the very same reality. It's normal. To us only, does it seem to be a
phenomena.Those of us who don't like it will just have to get over it. This is our reality.        
      Robert Lanza, a biologist most often introduced as one of the three greatest, and smartest, scientists alive today has shaken the scientific community in recent years by saying the origin of our reality has been developed into what it is today by being built on an absolutely ass-backward premise. That premise is that matter exploded into existence as the original first event that created reality. They further say the entire universe (all observable galaxies and stuff so distant we cannot see it) popped out of something about the size of a marble. Yeh, sure. It probably fell off the back of the World Turtle of Hindu mythology.

      Lanza comes to a conclusion brought about by results of advanced scientific experiments made by others in recent years. Einstein was aware of some of these things but avoided focusing on them calling them “spooky physics”.

One is the relationship between two microscopic quantities of matter. If two molecules become entangled, they can be separated any distance from each other (inches or across the galaxy) and what ever happens to one automatically happens to the other regardless of distance.

      But the real head scratcher came when Lanza explained that our reality, including the material in it, comes into being as a result of
our consciousness; that matter was not first with conscious life evolving from it, but conscious life was present first from which matter later sprang.

      I will provide some links on the OBSERVATIONS website for researching biocentrism, Robert Lanza, the double split experiment, etc. in the lower right hand column.

      The unusual happenings I have experienced span close to 60 years. Although I remember the events in vivid detail as they happened, please don’t ask me the exact day or month they happened; and in some cases, even the exact year. Other than our own children, neither I nor my wife, have told more than two or three other people of these things over the years.


Bridge over Ten Mile Creek at Pollock's Mill
1. ORB ON THE TRACKS - When I was sixteen years old I drove my old car back to a place where four years earlier I had spent a
Donald Hice (aka Tink)
few days camping with my uncle and cousin. 

Tracks heading down stream toward Clarksville
     It was located on a remote bend in Ten Mile Creek, downstream about a half mile from a bridge located at what is known as Pollocks Mill, near Jefferson, Pennsylvania. 
      I had followed the railroad tracks north from the bridge to a spot opposite where we had camped. I remembered how Frank (my uncle) would play his guitar at night while Tink (my cousin) and I would listen to him sing country songs of the 1950's and 60's.
Frank Areford
   I sat down on a big rock above the bend in the creek and remembered how we repaired an old wooden boat we found there with road tar. And how we couldn't touch the bottom of the creek in that area, even though we tried.
      I sat there for a while remembering the things we had done together, being reminded that Frank had not been around for quite a while. He had been drafted into the U.S. Army a year earlier.

     One memory led to another when I realized the sun had dropped below the horizon. I had about a half mile walk back along the rail road tracks to my old 1950 Ford so I figured I better get going since I had no light with me and it was rough walking in places
Tracks leading back to Pollock's Mill
along the track.
     There was a long straight stretch a few hundred yards long then a long sweeping right hand turn in the tracks, then another straight stretch before the car would come into view.

     About two hundred more yards down the tracks I turned for 
one last look back realizing just how fast it was getting dark.       
     That's when I noticed a green glowing light about the size of a cantaloupe near the boulder I had sat on earlier. As I looked it lifted above of the rock and bobbed up and down slowly as it progressed towards me up the track.
      It had a rhythmic bobbing action that suggested someone was carrying it along.

     However, it was still twilight enough to clearly see there was no one there, just the glowing ball of light.




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